Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Inch by Inch to YOU

Hello! It's been a while since my last post... I've been so busy lately receiving God's blessings :D

Okay... so where should I start?...

Moved in...

Yes, finally we had finalized our decision and we happily moved in to our new church. It was just blocks away from our home and most of the attendees are from our community. There are so many familiar faces and new faces.

The service flow is very different, but so far I am getting used to it.

God's Answer is YES!!!

Before we left our previous church, I asked God if this is His will. I asked Him to send me a message about the need for Workers. At first I was very reluctant, because I thought I made a wrong decisions.. Although I can see it with my eyes that every church needs a worker. I still want to hear it from God that they need a worker... And YES He made it clear to me.

One Sunday the answer was given to me through our Pastor's Message. It is harvest time and we need to work work work and Im glad about it.

The Stand

When we transferred here, I choose to be on a very low profile. But what amazes me is that God wont permit me to be on that profile. Im just so glad and honoured that God really made a way for me. 

I was assigned to be a Song Leader in one of our Sunday Service...Actually, I am still in disbelief, and asking Am I really here to Serve as a Worship Leader?

Yet, God just surprised me when one of our Midweek Service I was asked to Lead the Worship still shivering on the thought of it.

It was like I have never been leading a Worship my whole life. But truly, God's grace is overflowing and He removed my fears and replaced it with joy and the Worship was wonderful because of God.

The New Journey

Now, Im looking forward for a more matured me Spiritually. I would keep myself growing in the Love of Christ by obeying Him more and obeying the leaders that He gave to mentor me.

Im just so glad I am where I am now. Im glad I've experienced those trials that made me grow and taught me so much. Im glad that I am able to forgive with no bitterness and no looking back. Above all, I am glad to have God's love in me.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others!