Monday, November 14, 2011

NOTE: Will you stop looking at me please...

I've been visiting this particular page every morning trying to find some inspirational, motivational, and reviving message/blog from different Church Leaders.

Today, I got a chance to read the blog about "What Will People Say When They Leave Your Service Tomorrow?"

Every Sunday, Me, as an attender in our church, tries to attend and praise God with an expectation that hopefully this will be a different sunday. That this sunday will be a fruitful sunday.

I used to ask that may God shower His Holy Spirit in our church so that the Worhip will be memorable.

I used to hope that the Worship leader will sing something new, that will uplift my spirit.

As a Song Leader, I used to pray that God will move so that the attenders will feel His presence.

Most of the time we ask God to move us or to move in the midst of us so that we will be able to feel Him. Yet, we are not doing much effort to show that we want to feel God's presence.

It is said that God can fill an empty heart, how will that happened if our hearts are filled will hatred, worries, doubt.

Just like the story of this blog. If as an attender, we are focused on the Preacher and not the Lesson or on how the Song Leader sings, then how are we going to feel God's Love?

On the other hand, as a Song Leader, if we are so focus on what the attenders will think or say or feel we tend to forget the reason why we are in front.

Sunday service is not to serve ourselves, it is the day for us to serve the Lord and not the other way around.

Try to check this blog and reflect:

Where your focus is, defines how you serve the Lord.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Young Servant: Remembering God (shagidi shagidi shapopo)

Ecclesiastes 12:1-4 (NIV)

Remember your Creator  in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them” 

Question: In this verse the writer urge us to remember our Creator while we are young, why?

Activity: Shagidi Shagidi Shapopo

You may check this video to know how to play this game:


As we play the game, at first we can all follow what the leader acted, but as the game prolong, little by little confusions came, in the middle of the line there are some who were not able to follow which affects the rest of the participants.

Just like in our lives, not all the time we can say that everything is smooth, that we will always be on track, that troubles won’t come. But as years pass by, as we grow older, more responsibilities will come. Thesis, projects are small things but once you have stepped into the real world, work, busy days, the more people you’ll know, the more responsibilities you’ll get.

Time will come all of us here will have our own family, we need to feed them, we need to support them, up to the point that we are almost forgetting our own selves.

We always hear the phrase “NOW IS THE TIME” yes, do it “NOW IS THE TIME” this is the time to start remembering your Creator, because there is no other time better than today.

I speak as a living testimony of how I want to be a Youth again. Yes I love the life I have now, and I thank God for the life that I have. But nothing can replace the time when I was one of the Youth servants. How I long for the moment where I can stay, no matter how long, outside to do Youth fellowship

Another thing, aside from being free, while we are young we have all the courage to try new things. We are so into it when we do something that we love. We are very bold on our feelings, and that is what God wants us to be till we grow old.

If we started serving while we are young, that will, in some ways, become part of our lives and we will keep on doing it or longing for it no matter how old we get.

That is why the writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us to remember Him who created us while we are young, for us to grow with it and to be molded early so that we will be ready for those troubled times. So that we will know deep in our hearts that no matter how tough it gets, God is there to cheer us up.
It is not that I look down to those who knew God just now that they are old, in fact I pitty them and for sure they envy us (in a Holy way ) and I have heard a lot of oldies who used to say, “if I’m as young as you are…”.

But it is never too late, as long as we can still walk, jump, shout, clap our hands we can always be young in God’s eyes and in our hearts.

What God wants every youth to realize is that God has a purpose in everything. (Ec 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens)

We are not here for nothing, we are called to remember Him, serve Him, obey Him and to love Him (John 15:14 If you love me, keep my commands)

But above everything, God called you to be Saved. (John 3:17  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.)

Please feel free to share your thoughts! :)