Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Inch by Inch to YOU

Hello! It's been a while since my last post... I've been so busy lately receiving God's blessings :D

Okay... so where should I start?...

Moved in...

Yes, finally we had finalized our decision and we happily moved in to our new church. It was just blocks away from our home and most of the attendees are from our community. There are so many familiar faces and new faces.

The service flow is very different, but so far I am getting used to it.

God's Answer is YES!!!

Before we left our previous church, I asked God if this is His will. I asked Him to send me a message about the need for Workers. At first I was very reluctant, because I thought I made a wrong decisions.. Although I can see it with my eyes that every church needs a worker. I still want to hear it from God that they need a worker... And YES He made it clear to me.

One Sunday the answer was given to me through our Pastor's Message. It is harvest time and we need to work work work and Im glad about it.

The Stand

When we transferred here, I choose to be on a very low profile. But what amazes me is that God wont permit me to be on that profile. Im just so glad and honoured that God really made a way for me. 

I was assigned to be a Song Leader in one of our Sunday Service...Actually, I am still in disbelief, and asking Am I really here to Serve as a Worship Leader?

Yet, God just surprised me when one of our Midweek Service I was asked to Lead the Worship still shivering on the thought of it.

It was like I have never been leading a Worship my whole life. But truly, God's grace is overflowing and He removed my fears and replaced it with joy and the Worship was wonderful because of God.

The New Journey

Now, Im looking forward for a more matured me Spiritually. I would keep myself growing in the Love of Christ by obeying Him more and obeying the leaders that He gave to mentor me.

Im just so glad I am where I am now. Im glad I've experienced those trials that made me grow and taught me so much. Im glad that I am able to forgive with no bitterness and no looking back. Above all, I am glad to have God's love in me.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wife, Mom and the Ministry of God

The sun shines and my eyes barely open..."what time is it?...", it's 5mins before 8:00am. It is still early, taking a bath would only take 20mins... I can still get some more sleep...Church would start by 9am and it is only 10 mins away... clock snoozed...

30 mins later...

Rush to the bath room, take a bath for 15 mins, grab a dress, fix my hair, look at the mirror, take 3 rounds to my room and out change my outfit, look at the mirror and grab a pair of shoes, text/face the mirror while waiting for the time, look at the mirror then leave. Arrive at Church, prepare for the Sunday Service as a back-up or Worship Leader...

That was my sunday life, 3 years ago, no responsibilities, it's just me and myself. But everything changed when I became a Mom...

No More Me...

The sun shines and my eyes barely open, no need to know what time it is, as long as I can see that ray of light striking my bed as if saying it is time to get up. No more snoozing (though sometimes I really can't help it), no more going back to sleep.First things first, clean the feeding bottles, take a bath, wake up my hubby and baby, iron the clothes that they are going to use (sometimes it includes mine), dress my baby, put on my Sunday clothes, prepare the bag with all my baby's needs while brushing my hair, look at the mirror, grab my shoes and then leave. Arrive at Church, sit as an ordinary member, or sometimes stay in the Children's room because my baby wont let me leave his sight. 

It was a drastic change that it had been a tough transition. Being a Mom is accepting that life is not about you any more, it is now about your family. From mine to their, from me to them. It takes so much time for me to accept that I have to surrender most of my own happiness for the happiness of my family.

I became so Spiritually drained, because everything that I had when I was single have been gone little by little. I can't sing my praises without being disturbed by my baby asking for his milk. I can't attend the Music Ministry practice without looking at the time and rushing back home because I need to prepare our dinner.

How can I serve You now?

I came to the point of giving up, and letting my Spiritual life go drain itself. Then a huge wave of trials came in, physical and spiritual struggles join hand in hand that I decided to give up my ministries to give way to my family and face all my struggles. I got this thought, "maybe being a Mom and God's servant wont really go well".

Deep inside me is a woman thirsty for God's ministries, crying and filled with sadness and bitterness. Inside me is a woman trying to escape the life I am in that moment, hoping that I can turn back my time and enjoy being me and myself again. 

With great sadness and bitterness I asked God, is this what you want for me? To become 
nothing? To become another ordinary member of this Church? Without knowing that God is teaching me something I must know.

Discovering my New Ministry

God gave me enough time to calm myself. He gave me space so I can clear my mind. He gave me courage to face my struggles and provided me the solutions. He gave me peace of mind and cleans my heart with bitterness. He did it and let His grace flow freely from my heart to my mind and made me see the ministry that he entrusted to me 3 years ago. A ministry that I neglected and sometimes rejected... The ministry of being a Mom and Wife.

Many women and Moms to be exact were called to minister in the Church and most of the time forgets to minister in their own family. Let us keep in our hearts that our Family also came from our Lord, and that he also dwells in the midst of it. Neglecting them or putting it behind everything else aside from God would ruin it and you as well.

As a Mom, Wife and follower of Christ, I urge you to embrace the ministry of being a Godly wife and Mom to your family. Be the wife that God wants you to be and see how the grace of God flows within every single member of your household and with their mouths they will declare that a Godly wife is a real treasure every husband can ever have.
"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies" Proverbs 31:10

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"REBUKE" - it is now clearer to me than ever

Recently, I received a message from God saying that I've hurt the lives of those people that I once rebuked. Well, I refused to accept what that little voice in my head is saying, thinking that I did it for their own good. If I did not do it they won't stop with their mistakes.

In the bible there are so many verses that states about Rebuking others, and I strongly believed that if there's something to rebuke it should be rebuked or else it will not be corrected.

It is true that God permits us to rebuke one another, but often I forgot that it is not just about rebuking, it is to rebuke with LOVE.

Yes, and that is what I missed, LOVE.


I was once an active member of our small church. During that time being in a Ministry is one of my happiness or should I say treasured possession. I became a part of the Music Ministry, Youth Ministry, Finance Ministry and Dance Ministry. I was even promoted as our church Youth Pastor/Elder. WHOOOAAAH!!! too much right? In a small church where I've been, if they can see how committed you are to one ministry you will surely get more, and that is what happened to me. Yet I am happy about it, because for me Serving God through these ministries is a great privilege.

I have learned so much and together with that my eyes were opened so wide that I can see everything that my breathrens are doing and not doing. My eye became so focused of those Christian misconducts and I despise it. I have this thought in mind that if I as a person despise what they are doing what more with GOD?

So I started rebuking, rebuking, and more rebuking... until my heart was filled with agony and hatred...

Eyes Widely Open but Blinded

Yes, God made me see things that I don't usually see. He made me see other people's fault. I know there's a big reason why God did that, and in my head I thought God wants me to rebuke them all. My head grew so big as my eyes were opened. I became self-righteous, I forgot I am also a sinner. I got my eyes blinded to my own mistakes. Until one day, instead of loving my breathrens, I started hating them for their wrong doings.

Then I asked God, "God, please close my eyes once again so that I will not see their mistakes. I am better that way..."

But I did not listen well to His response, not until recently with a clear loud voice through Frank Viola's blog How (Not) to Correct Another Christian, I was awakened.

Field Full of Sinners

Jesus came not for the righteous, but for the sinners (Luke 5:32) and I am one of them. One day all of us (sinners who repented) will gather under His throne to praise Him and give thanks for saving us and for taking up our sins on the Cross for our Salvation. 

Yes, it is our duty to look after one another, but that is, as brothers and sisters who were all sinners but LOVED and SAVED by our Saviour Jesus Christ. To rebuke with LOVE and HUMBLENESS is what I am supposed to do and that is what God meant when He opened these eyes.

Now this verse is clearer than ever:

"An open rebuke is better than hidden love!" Proverbs 27:5 

Friday, May 11, 2012

When can I Worship You again?

It's been a long time since the last time stand in front of the congregation to lead the Sunday Worship. Singing on the top of my voice, leading those people young and old, dancing like there's no tomorrow and everything. I miss my previous Music Ministry team. I miss Leading.

Then one night while cooking for dinner I mentioned this thought to my husband and he threw a big question.

Do you miss Worship Leading or you just got used to doing it that's why you miss it?

hmmmm... I paused for a while after that, like thinking duh!?.. what's the difference? but honestly I had a hard time answering it.

Looking back at my first post about remembering God in the days of your youth, I remember encouraging the Youth of our Church to serve God while they are young, for them to get used to it, that their souls would crave for it if ever they got lost or out of track and that craving will surely bring them back to God's feet.

A glass of Cold Water

Today's weather is so hot, isn't it soothing to touch that cold glass and be refreshed once you got those water running to your mouth down, ahhh! but then you find yourself in a desert and there's nothing but sand? Your saliva thickens, then it dries up and you can't find any water to drink? Awful right?

That is how I feel now (not literally though... hehe!) Spiritually. I am craving for that moment, for that chance, for that opportunity to give my Praises and Worship through singing. I am craving for that feeling that I get each time I sing at the top of my voice. I am craving for the touch of the Holy Spirit when the song starts playing. I am craving for it and want to have it back once again....

That Stupid Loud Voice!

There goes that voice in my head, "well, your ministry don't miss you", "you are not actually craving for it, you want attention", "you actually miss that attention you receive when you are up there"

It may sound weird, but I hope someone can relate to me.... That loud voice is the reason why I gave up my ministry and that same loud voice is ringing in my head that night the big question was given... satan really knows how to ruin everything and if you are not careful enough you might find yourself bitten by his lies.

My Hero

Well, good thing I got my Hero to the rescue. He never ever fails to do that each time that stupid voice came in. God's love reminds me of His plan and purpose, He came just in time. I almost forgot, why am I really here at this craving now. It is because He missed me, not me as a Worship Leader but as a Worshiper.

To give Him Praise and Honor doesn't mean to be in front. I can still Worship at the top of my lungs if I will just let myself get drowned from His love and to become a Worship Leader again... it is not yet the right time. He is still moulding me to my finest.

Monday, April 30, 2012

What Makes You a Born Again Christian?

Last Wednesday Me and Dave (my Husband) went to our midweek service and I thank God for giving us a chance to be there. One thing that hits me in God's message that night was the phrase that the preacher said:
"Continue doing what God is asking you to do, small or big in due time you will have a good harvest. Do it NOW!"
It's been a long time since my last blog, I was not even able to continue my "Mould Me" blogs... and hearing that phrase struck me so much because I know God will work through this blog and I am neglected it for so long. :(

Moving forward.... to make up with the long silence, I will be starting with the question:

What makes you a Born Again Christian?

Are you a Born Again Christian because you have accepted Jesus?
Are you a Born Again Christian because you were baptised in water?
Are you a Born Again Christian because you are attending the church, joining the ministries, active in all of your Church activities?
I have seen so many people calling themselves a Born Again Christians... I am even one of them.

I call myself a Born Again Christian, because I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I was baptised in water, served our local Church, joined the ministries, but a thought in my head is wondering if I will be in Heaven once I died or if Jesus will return today, will he take me right away?

The thought of being left in His 2nd coming frightens me alot, knowing what I might face if ever I will be here... it really frightens me...


When you look at the mirror and saw your reflection you would know if you look good, extra good, super good or overly good. What if you will look at yourself as a Born Again Christian, do you find yourself worthy for the name?

Actually, no one can tell if you really are a Born Again Christian than yourself. Being a Born Again Christian is not just a name that you can boast to everyone by simply declaring it. Even if you have that BIG sign on your head stating "I AM A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN" and you are not acting like one, you will never be able to fool God.

Christian - a follower of Christ

Being a Christian is not just about believing in Christ. It is following Christ, following His walk, His ways, His thinking in short becoming like Christ  and obeying what God wants us to be just like how Christ did. Therefore, let us be more sensitive with our walk, talk, act, Facebook post, tweets etc. specially if you've boast about you being a Christian.

Small steps are better than NOT stepping at all

Yes, it is not easy to be like Christ. No one is perfectly like Him the first time that person know about Christ, here is where the Holy Spirit works.

Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit15 “If you love me, keep my commands. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be[a] in you. 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.19 Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. 20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.- John 14:15-20

With this promise that we Christian should be holding on, nothing will really be so difficult to do. Hope to see you in God's Kingdom!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello there! Yah, it's been a while since my last blog... I really got no chance of blogging due to my hectic (hahaha!) schedule. I've been busy at work and reading the Hunger Games book. I became so hooked up that most of my spare time I spent reading it... bad me.

Anyway, on my last blog Mould Me: Wedging Part I, I have mentioned that I would like to follow Christ and one of my downfall is that I am guilty of Key No. 2:  A disciple forgives quickly and often.  and Praise be to God, I was able to face my brethren and forgive her. I told her whatever it is that is that I am holding back against her, witnessed by our Head Pastor and Associate Pastor and my Husband.

Yes, it was not that easy, but during that point all I want is to be true to her and to set me free and it is a good feeling inside. I told them that I should have done it long ago and maybe by now the wound is already healed. Well, better late than never, right?, so now we are now in the healing process. Together with the Face to Face thing, my hubby and me decided to move to another church. It was a drastic move but we believe it is the best move we can do for us to heal quickly at the same time we believe that God has a plan why He brought us to this decision.

Life is too short to grudge. I know I've wasted 2years of my Service to God in grudging on what my Sister in Christ did, but it is never to late to live life again to its fullest.

God bless everyone! Be blessed and be a blessing to others! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MOD: Courageous by Sherwood Pictures

Hallo! I just got so blessed today with this movie that I would not want to end this day without promoting it. So here is my very first MOD (Movie Of the Day)... XD

Everyone has a father, or, atleast once had a father. We will not be in this world if we don't have one, right? As a kid, I adore my dad for being so smart, for working hard, for his talent, for taking me to the park, for doing my essays, for attending my graduation, for supporting my needs, etc. But, there are also times that I hate him and that is during those times that he gets mad at me, but I love him and that won't change. Now, I am married and have a son, it would great to see these men of my life, my Dad, my Hubby and my Son, doing their purpose as a man and doing their calling as a son of God.

In the movie Courageous, the producers of the film aimed to show how God wants a man to be like when he became a father. It also shows that as a person, men are not perfect, men do have their ups and downs, and men are also humans who knows how to cry. The five men of the film portrayed 5 different lives with one main purpose, being a father. We all know that fathers are supposed to support the needs of their family. They work hard to earn money. They would be willing to do anything, just to feed those hungry stomachs. Fathers also have an ego that they care about. This ego may lead them to being the best father or may also make them the worst father to their kids or husband to their wives.

What I love about this movie is that it gave me a hope that it is not hard for a man to be changed according to how God wants them to be, it just take enough courage for them to get down on their knees. It proves that being courageous is not about owning a gun, having a louder voice than any other member of the family, and most of all not just about being the head of the family. True courage is about accepting that you are weak, that you need help, that you want to cry, that you are sorry, and most of all, that you need a Saviour.

Aside from that, the movie also shared that Integrity is better than Loyalty and emphasized that a man's true richness as a father is not measured on how much money they have, rather what kind of family they have built.

Here is the trailer of the film Courageous, hope you'll be able to watch the movie soon. God bless! :)

But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15 NIV 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mould Me: Wedging Part1

Wedging. "A procedure for preparing clay or a clay body by hand: the lump of clay is repeatedly thrown down on a work bench; between each operation the lump is turned and sometimes cut through and rejoined in a different orientation. The object is to disperse the water more uniformly, to remove lamination and to remove air." -  according to Wikipedia
Hallo! Today I will be reflecting on the sermon that God gave me through Sermon Central website entitled Basic Training for Disciples. Yey! I found a training guide, thanks be to God!

It seems like it was made for ME...

When I saw the Title of this sermon I did not think twice, I just click on it, expecting I'll find a long list of do's and don'ts but I was wrong. Never under estimate the Power of God ever! :) What I found is like a double edged sword that hits me directly into my EGO! You've read it right, my E-G-O. To make the long message short here is the conclusion of the Author:

There are four important things on Jesus’ list to know about basic training for disciples. A disciple never puts a stumbling block in the spiritual path of others. A disciple forgives quickly and often. A disciple exercises faith and demonstrates faithfulness. Do you claim to be a disciple of Jesus?

That Sermon leads me to Pottery Step 1: Wedging - the clay preparation. God is so great and is really a Potter at work and He exactly knows the procedure of Pottery. God knows that I am not a perfect clay, that I have my lumps everywhere. Being a clay, it is not that easy to understand that my Potter needs to throw me on His work bench, cut me and rejoin me in a different orientation. It will hurt for sure, just like what He did today through the Sermon.

Guilty of  Key No. 2: A disciple forgives quickly and often.

I am keeping this big hatred to one of my sisters in Christ. She did something to me that made me lose my trust on her. I always say I forgive her but forgetting what she did is not an easy thing to do. Forgiveness is not just a single topic in the bible, in fact it is almost one of the crucial topic in the bible. Jesus even gave a parable for the Forgiveness topic (see The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant, NIV)

In the Sermon, the Author emphasized:

Forgiveness is not a feeling or an emotion–it is a choice. It is your decision not to want to punish that person for what they’ve done to you. The Bible word for forgiveness is aphemi, meaning to “cancel the debt” or “set one forever free from the obligation.” Our forgiveness should be a reflection of the forgiveness God offers us. He places our sins behind our back and remembers them no longer. I’ve heard people say, “Well, I’ll forgive them, but I won’t forget it.” If you actively choose to continue to remember what that person has done to you, you haven’t truly forgiven them. - David Dykes
Yes, God forgave me and He did not even look back at what I did, but He always gives me a chance to step forward. He was like, "Go ahead, don't mind what you did to me, don't look back, I want you to move forward". So who am I not to do the same to my breathren?

I want to follow Christ

On my previous post, I commit to follow Christ because I want to be God's Servant. Christ said in Matthew 6:14-15:

14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.
If following Him would mean I need to give up my E-G-O, which is a good thing, then I would like to do it. Facing my breathren and forgiving her is not that easy task for me. I would need so much courage and encouragement, yet it is written that through Christ we can do all things, and I must walk the Word if I want to follow Christ... So I will be doing it!

I believe that God will not be throwing me, cutting me and rejoining me to a different orientation for nothing. Our Potter knows that the reason for doing it is because He want to make the clay perfect for moulding. As a clay, I must trust my Potter enough and believe that HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. 

I'll be wonderfully and uniquely made.

Yet you, Lord are our Father. We are the clay and you are the potter; we are all work of Your hand - Isaiah 64:8

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mould Me: Becoming a Servant of God 101

Hi there! Since you are reading this blog it means we both have the same desire.. to become God's Servant. Welcome to my page!

My New Journey

I have been one of God's Servant but then I Quit to my ministries I've discussed the reasons here: Serving God: Motives (A Confession) . I realized that my motives of being God's Servants during that time are not that genuine, that is why I started my new journey by searching for some guidelines or blogs that may help me to become a Servant of God. Finding it seems so hard to do, there are so many verses, so many words yet one thing that is common among those articles that I visited is that, Jesus Christ is the best guide if I want to become God's Servant.

Woah!.... I don't know if I will be able to follow exactly how Jesus Christ do His ministries and how to have the character that He has during His life on earth...but I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Since, I will be imitating Christ as a Servant, well He is really the best coach that can give me the right strength and determination that I would need throughout my journey.

Then here is where I would start...

I would like to learn from my previous mistakes. One of my biggest mistakes is that I have never been a good follower. I went directly to becoming a servant without checking whether I am being a good follower of Christ at the same time I tend not to fully submit to my leaders. I might be seen attending the church but there are so many sins that I tend to hide in me and when I'm out of the church those sins are like smoke finding it's way out.

My Companions and Weapons

I know I cannot take this journey alone so I would really want to have some companions and most of all weapons.

God the Father - who else can accompany me in imitating Jesus but the Father Himself. If God was able to guide His first leaders during the Old testament, I believe He can guide me as well.
The Holy Spirit - it is the Spirit that anoint Jesus during His baptism, and it is the Spirit that Jesus left to His disciples.
Jesus Christ - I want to build that intimate relationship with Christ and want him to be with me all the way, because I just feel safe knowing that He is with me.
The Bible - the sword of God, with His Words I know I will find the strength because those are testimonies of how gracious God is to those who trust in Him and believes in Jesus.
The Internet - if there is one thing that I would love about internet, it is the capability to search and search and search without sweating. There are alot of articles out there that are written by experienced people when it come to serving God and I want to take advantage of this technology for the success of my journey.
Sincere Prayer - A prayerful Christian is a strong Christian. I want to have a dedicated time of the day wherein I can have that little prayer that will help me go a long way. I will be setting 3:00 - 3:05 PM as my quiet time and my time to stop everything that I am doing and have that one heart deep prayer.

I think that's it for now, I do hope that God will bless this task that I'll be doing and somehow be a blessing to you as well. God bless! :)

Isaiah 64:8 Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Serving God: Motives (A Confession)

I once desired to be God's servant during my baby Christian days. I want to be one of God's singer, like to be a part of God's Music Ministry. During those times, I had no idea of what it's like to be God's servant, all I know is I love music, I've been a choir member in  my school, and I want to be one of the choir members of my church. Why? Because it looks so cool and I have a crush on one of the choir members.

Have you seen my motives there? A not so Christ like motive right?

Yeah, I hate to admit it, but that is the truth and that truth is somehow still running in my blood as of the moment.

5 years ago we moved to another church and there I was given an opportunity to be God's Song Leader... (quite a big jump huh?) Yah, a Song Leader of a small house church. That is the beginning of all my ministries. After that I was assigned to other ministries like Youth Ministry Leader, Treasury, then become a Youth Pastor, and Youth Elder at the same time. Whew! Quite alot of ministries huh?...

And now, I officially "Quit" from all of my ministries. :(

So, why did I "Quit"?

I decided to leave all my ministries for good... During those times of being a Servant, I don't think I have lived on the right motives at all time. Sometimes I do it because I am assigned to do it. Sometimes I do it because I want to prove something, and worst I do it because I just need to, kinda obligation for me. But don't get me wrong, there are also times I do it for the Love of Christ and our Father above together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I love to be in God's ministry... I just hate the thought of not doing it purely according to God's purposes.

I love God and I want to walk according to His will, not mine. I want to win over these wrong motives in my heart and be guided and moulded by my Potter.

It hurts alot to realize these things, but I am glad that God made me realize my motives.

Moving Forward...

I believe that God's Words are true and His promises endures forever. I believe that God have that great power that can won over my wrong motives. I want to see His power working on me and I want the world to see it, not by me declaring it but by them seeing it. Just like what Jesus told the man with leprosy after healing him. (see: Mark 1:40-50)

As a clay, we must let our Potter to mould us according to His will. A good clay knows how to surrender everything to his/her Potter. A stiff and dry clay will be hard to mould, so we must let our Potter to mix us accordingly for He knows how to create a wonderful pot from a clay.

Will I be back to my ministries?

Yes, definitely and that is in God's perfect time.

Have you been in this situation? How are you doing now? Are there any advice you can give me? Your comments are very much welcome!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Potter's Hand: Mold Me

There are times that I felt so low, as if I can't find any hope.
So down, left in a cold dark hole where nobody can hear me crying.

Sometimes, all I want is to stay where I am.
Afraid to take a step, thinking that I might get lost more into the deep.

There are moments when all I have are my watery eye,s broken heart, empty mind.
Failure, I am a failure. Worthless person....

Then, Your soft voice, Your loving small voice, will just change it all.
The warmth of Your love, gives back worth to all my failures.
Your wonderful grace, made me whole and priceless.

I really can't imagine how much You love me.
I can't explain how good You are to me.
I can't even measure how wonderful Your love and grace for me.

Why?... Why do you care so much?
Why do you love me that much?
Why do keep on hugging me?

Lord, You are amazing!
You are so good!
Your love is so unconditional!
Your love never fails!
You grace is sufficient!

Let me be with You forever.
Let me serve You, worship You.
Cover me, and let no works of evil take me out from Your loving arms.
Help me to set my eyes on your Son, Jesus Christ.
Help walk the path You have made for me.
Help me live like Jesus.

Teach me to let Jesus become my guide in this life that I have.
Teach me to listen, and be sensitive to His voice.
Teach me to put my trust on Him at all times.

May I be worthy for Your Holy Spirit.
Keep my heart clean and purify me, oh God.
That I may keep the fire of the Holy Spirt burning.

In the might name of JESUS! Amen.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Am I Leaving My Church?

This past few months we (my husband and I) are thinking of leaving our current church then move to a new church. This was not new at all, we have been praying for this since last year. Now, we have come up with a decision, search for the new church to be.

Two weeks ago, we've spoke with our church's Pastors about our plans of moving out. The conversation was not that easy, there were a lot of, reasons, questions, reasons, facial reactions, reasons and more reasons on both sides. For them, it is not necessary, yet for us it is a big factor for our Spiritual health's sake.

So what's the big deal with the issue of moving out from your current church? -- that was the question that kept on bugling in my mind... -- what?

I ask, and searched for the answer and God lead me to this blog:

Just exactly what I need at the moment. The author intelligently made a list the things that I should ask myself before leaving my current church. I like,... woaahhh....hmmmmm....and *sighhhhhhhhhhh* while reading the article and it hits me a lot!

And my decision? hmmm... I'm still waiting for God's confirmation, all I want is to make Him smile. May His will be done.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why did I stopped celebrating Valentines?

It all started with Ptr. Boyax' teaching about Valentines.

I was once funned of celebrating Valentine's day. I love giving roses and chocolates, and receiving in return. However, everything changed after hearing one preaching that Ptr. Boyax taught us one Sunday of February.

As what I can remember:

Valentine's day was a celebration for a Catholic Saint, Valentine. He's a saint who was put to jail yet it did not stopped him from creating love notes for the love of his life. Then he received a death sentenced which was held on Feb. 14, all the notes that he created for his love always end up with:
"Your Valentine"
As a Born Again Christian, I was first taught that idolatry is a sin. Considering that, since Valentine's day is a day of commemorating St. Valentine, one of Catholic Saints, I decided not to celebrate the day as it equates to idolatry for St. Valentine.

This morning I decided to do a research about Valentine's day and it's origin and I ended up to this link:

The contents of that page clearly states that Valentine's day is a pagan celebration that was adopted by Christians by changing it's name next to St. Valentine.

My question is, will changing "Happy Valentine's Day" to "Happy Heart's Day" save us from committing idolatry? What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Charity and God's Happiness...

This morning I thought of CHARITY.

During my College years, I've been an active member of JPCS, which stands for Junior Philippine Computer Society, our School Department's Organization. Aside from all the pressure, tears, laughters that I had during those days... one thing that I really treasured the most... our Charity Program.

It was my first, hopefully not the last, Charity Program that I've attended. The program was held at a Public School in Trece Martires Cavite. The reason why I cannot forget that activity is because it felt so fulfilling, so worth it and so blessed. The group of kiddos that me and my partner handled were so cute, lovable and cuddly. They loved the be hugged and the smiles in their lips... so GENUINE! T_T

Back to me...dreaming of Charity....

I remember that the bible says "Give and It will COME BACK to you". However, I am not quite sure if Charity Activities, like the one I had, are being practised to most small or big Churches, Born Again Christian Churches, to be exact. Well as far as I know... not in our Church/Outreach.


I am dreaming of having a Back-to-School Charity Activity, wherein, in every person that will be buying a set of School Supplies (Bag, Notebooks, Ballpens/Pencil, Paper, Plastic Cover.. etc) another needing child will receive the same School Supplies that they bought. It may also be like, Donate a Back-to-School Supplies Program, a Pen for a Pen, Bag for a Bag or Shoes for a Shoes. There are alot of small things that we can GIVE that will be a great help for those in need.

Aside from material GIFTS, this will also be a great, BIG, and SUPER BIG opportunity to SPREAD the Good News. I remember when I was in a Catholic church, most of the churches handle a yearly Charity Program, a simple Feeding Program is a Big opportunity to invite a person to go to Church.

Freely we received the GIFT of Eternal Life, why not GIVE it freely as well.


definitely IT will come back to you. Maybe not financially or materially but Spiritually and Emotionally. The thought of receiving something so unexplainable, intangible and incomprehensible, is a GREAT payback of all.

On the other hand CHARITY doesn't have to be so expensive, everyday we can do it. How? Simply SHARE the LOVE that we RECEIVED from our Father in Heaven and GIVE one soul the chance to experience the Gift of our Savior - Jesus Christ, His life to save us from our sins and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven... the great payback that WILL COME BACK TO YOU?... the SMILE and HAPPINESS of God. so GENUINE! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Blessing from Above

Music Ministry...
Is not just about Singing but PRAISING our Creator
Is not about Emotions but undying PASSION

It is where Directing is not about Commanding but SHEPHERDING
It is where Singing is not about Yourself but of our MAKER
It is where Drumming is not about Exhibition but EXHORTATION
It is where Projecting looks Simple but it is NOT AT ALL

It is not a Band for Self-Popularity but of GOD
It is not an Assignment but a CALLING to fulfil
It does not depend on TALENT alone but on SPIRITUAL MATURITY & GROWTH

Music Ministers are...

The LEVITES of God, chosen & well reserved among His people
It is not for their OWN Pride but for God's GLORY and HONOUR
It is not a DUTY but a PLEASURE for our King

A Servant's heart is a must
A Blinded eye is needed
A Clean Hand you must have
A Prepared Spirit is a requirement

God's armour should not be removed
For each day is a Battle
To make you worthy to Serve and Face your King and Savior

A Holy Life you must live
And a Prayer should be your life
For you are WEAK and that made God's POWER REVEALED.