Thursday, May 24, 2012

"REBUKE" - it is now clearer to me than ever

Recently, I received a message from God saying that I've hurt the lives of those people that I once rebuked. Well, I refused to accept what that little voice in my head is saying, thinking that I did it for their own good. If I did not do it they won't stop with their mistakes.

In the bible there are so many verses that states about Rebuking others, and I strongly believed that if there's something to rebuke it should be rebuked or else it will not be corrected.

It is true that God permits us to rebuke one another, but often I forgot that it is not just about rebuking, it is to rebuke with LOVE.

Yes, and that is what I missed, LOVE.


I was once an active member of our small church. During that time being in a Ministry is one of my happiness or should I say treasured possession. I became a part of the Music Ministry, Youth Ministry, Finance Ministry and Dance Ministry. I was even promoted as our church Youth Pastor/Elder. WHOOOAAAH!!! too much right? In a small church where I've been, if they can see how committed you are to one ministry you will surely get more, and that is what happened to me. Yet I am happy about it, because for me Serving God through these ministries is a great privilege.

I have learned so much and together with that my eyes were opened so wide that I can see everything that my breathrens are doing and not doing. My eye became so focused of those Christian misconducts and I despise it. I have this thought in mind that if I as a person despise what they are doing what more with GOD?

So I started rebuking, rebuking, and more rebuking... until my heart was filled with agony and hatred...

Eyes Widely Open but Blinded

Yes, God made me see things that I don't usually see. He made me see other people's fault. I know there's a big reason why God did that, and in my head I thought God wants me to rebuke them all. My head grew so big as my eyes were opened. I became self-righteous, I forgot I am also a sinner. I got my eyes blinded to my own mistakes. Until one day, instead of loving my breathrens, I started hating them for their wrong doings.

Then I asked God, "God, please close my eyes once again so that I will not see their mistakes. I am better that way..."

But I did not listen well to His response, not until recently with a clear loud voice through Frank Viola's blog How (Not) to Correct Another Christian, I was awakened.

Field Full of Sinners

Jesus came not for the righteous, but for the sinners (Luke 5:32) and I am one of them. One day all of us (sinners who repented) will gather under His throne to praise Him and give thanks for saving us and for taking up our sins on the Cross for our Salvation. 

Yes, it is our duty to look after one another, but that is, as brothers and sisters who were all sinners but LOVED and SAVED by our Saviour Jesus Christ. To rebuke with LOVE and HUMBLENESS is what I am supposed to do and that is what God meant when He opened these eyes.

Now this verse is clearer than ever:

"An open rebuke is better than hidden love!" Proverbs 27:5 

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