Thursday, February 23, 2012

Potter's Hand: Mold Me

There are times that I felt so low, as if I can't find any hope.
So down, left in a cold dark hole where nobody can hear me crying.

Sometimes, all I want is to stay where I am.
Afraid to take a step, thinking that I might get lost more into the deep.

There are moments when all I have are my watery eye,s broken heart, empty mind.
Failure, I am a failure. Worthless person....

Then, Your soft voice, Your loving small voice, will just change it all.
The warmth of Your love, gives back worth to all my failures.
Your wonderful grace, made me whole and priceless.

I really can't imagine how much You love me.
I can't explain how good You are to me.
I can't even measure how wonderful Your love and grace for me.

Why?... Why do you care so much?
Why do you love me that much?
Why do keep on hugging me?

Lord, You are amazing!
You are so good!
Your love is so unconditional!
Your love never fails!
You grace is sufficient!

Let me be with You forever.
Let me serve You, worship You.
Cover me, and let no works of evil take me out from Your loving arms.
Help me to set my eyes on your Son, Jesus Christ.
Help walk the path You have made for me.
Help me live like Jesus.

Teach me to let Jesus become my guide in this life that I have.
Teach me to listen, and be sensitive to His voice.
Teach me to put my trust on Him at all times.

May I be worthy for Your Holy Spirit.
Keep my heart clean and purify me, oh God.
That I may keep the fire of the Holy Spirt burning.

In the might name of JESUS! Amen.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Am I Leaving My Church?

This past few months we (my husband and I) are thinking of leaving our current church then move to a new church. This was not new at all, we have been praying for this since last year. Now, we have come up with a decision, search for the new church to be.

Two weeks ago, we've spoke with our church's Pastors about our plans of moving out. The conversation was not that easy, there were a lot of, reasons, questions, reasons, facial reactions, reasons and more reasons on both sides. For them, it is not necessary, yet for us it is a big factor for our Spiritual health's sake.

So what's the big deal with the issue of moving out from your current church? -- that was the question that kept on bugling in my mind... -- what?

I ask, and searched for the answer and God lead me to this blog:

Just exactly what I need at the moment. The author intelligently made a list the things that I should ask myself before leaving my current church. I like,... woaahhh....hmmmmm....and *sighhhhhhhhhhh* while reading the article and it hits me a lot!

And my decision? hmmm... I'm still waiting for God's confirmation, all I want is to make Him smile. May His will be done.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why did I stopped celebrating Valentines?

It all started with Ptr. Boyax' teaching about Valentines.

I was once funned of celebrating Valentine's day. I love giving roses and chocolates, and receiving in return. However, everything changed after hearing one preaching that Ptr. Boyax taught us one Sunday of February.

As what I can remember:

Valentine's day was a celebration for a Catholic Saint, Valentine. He's a saint who was put to jail yet it did not stopped him from creating love notes for the love of his life. Then he received a death sentenced which was held on Feb. 14, all the notes that he created for his love always end up with:
"Your Valentine"
As a Born Again Christian, I was first taught that idolatry is a sin. Considering that, since Valentine's day is a day of commemorating St. Valentine, one of Catholic Saints, I decided not to celebrate the day as it equates to idolatry for St. Valentine.

This morning I decided to do a research about Valentine's day and it's origin and I ended up to this link:

The contents of that page clearly states that Valentine's day is a pagan celebration that was adopted by Christians by changing it's name next to St. Valentine.

My question is, will changing "Happy Valentine's Day" to "Happy Heart's Day" save us from committing idolatry? What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Charity and God's Happiness...

This morning I thought of CHARITY.

During my College years, I've been an active member of JPCS, which stands for Junior Philippine Computer Society, our School Department's Organization. Aside from all the pressure, tears, laughters that I had during those days... one thing that I really treasured the most... our Charity Program.

It was my first, hopefully not the last, Charity Program that I've attended. The program was held at a Public School in Trece Martires Cavite. The reason why I cannot forget that activity is because it felt so fulfilling, so worth it and so blessed. The group of kiddos that me and my partner handled were so cute, lovable and cuddly. They loved the be hugged and the smiles in their lips... so GENUINE! T_T

Back to me...dreaming of Charity....

I remember that the bible says "Give and It will COME BACK to you". However, I am not quite sure if Charity Activities, like the one I had, are being practised to most small or big Churches, Born Again Christian Churches, to be exact. Well as far as I know... not in our Church/Outreach.


I am dreaming of having a Back-to-School Charity Activity, wherein, in every person that will be buying a set of School Supplies (Bag, Notebooks, Ballpens/Pencil, Paper, Plastic Cover.. etc) another needing child will receive the same School Supplies that they bought. It may also be like, Donate a Back-to-School Supplies Program, a Pen for a Pen, Bag for a Bag or Shoes for a Shoes. There are alot of small things that we can GIVE that will be a great help for those in need.

Aside from material GIFTS, this will also be a great, BIG, and SUPER BIG opportunity to SPREAD the Good News. I remember when I was in a Catholic church, most of the churches handle a yearly Charity Program, a simple Feeding Program is a Big opportunity to invite a person to go to Church.

Freely we received the GIFT of Eternal Life, why not GIVE it freely as well.


definitely IT will come back to you. Maybe not financially or materially but Spiritually and Emotionally. The thought of receiving something so unexplainable, intangible and incomprehensible, is a GREAT payback of all.

On the other hand CHARITY doesn't have to be so expensive, everyday we can do it. How? Simply SHARE the LOVE that we RECEIVED from our Father in Heaven and GIVE one soul the chance to experience the Gift of our Savior - Jesus Christ, His life to save us from our sins and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven... the great payback that WILL COME BACK TO YOU?... the SMILE and HAPPINESS of God. so GENUINE! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Blessing from Above

Music Ministry...
Is not just about Singing but PRAISING our Creator
Is not about Emotions but undying PASSION

It is where Directing is not about Commanding but SHEPHERDING
It is where Singing is not about Yourself but of our MAKER
It is where Drumming is not about Exhibition but EXHORTATION
It is where Projecting looks Simple but it is NOT AT ALL

It is not a Band for Self-Popularity but of GOD
It is not an Assignment but a CALLING to fulfil
It does not depend on TALENT alone but on SPIRITUAL MATURITY & GROWTH

Music Ministers are...

The LEVITES of God, chosen & well reserved among His people
It is not for their OWN Pride but for God's GLORY and HONOUR
It is not a DUTY but a PLEASURE for our King

A Servant's heart is a must
A Blinded eye is needed
A Clean Hand you must have
A Prepared Spirit is a requirement

God's armour should not be removed
For each day is a Battle
To make you worthy to Serve and Face your King and Savior

A Holy Life you must live
And a Prayer should be your life
For you are WEAK and that made God's POWER REVEALED.