Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Blessing from Above

Music Ministry...
Is not just about Singing but PRAISING our Creator
Is not about Emotions but undying PASSION

It is where Directing is not about Commanding but SHEPHERDING
It is where Singing is not about Yourself but of our MAKER
It is where Drumming is not about Exhibition but EXHORTATION
It is where Projecting looks Simple but it is NOT AT ALL

It is not a Band for Self-Popularity but of GOD
It is not an Assignment but a CALLING to fulfil
It does not depend on TALENT alone but on SPIRITUAL MATURITY & GROWTH

Music Ministers are...

The LEVITES of God, chosen & well reserved among His people
It is not for their OWN Pride but for God's GLORY and HONOUR
It is not a DUTY but a PLEASURE for our King

A Servant's heart is a must
A Blinded eye is needed
A Clean Hand you must have
A Prepared Spirit is a requirement

God's armour should not be removed
For each day is a Battle
To make you worthy to Serve and Face your King and Savior

A Holy Life you must live
And a Prayer should be your life
For you are WEAK and that made God's POWER REVEALED.

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