Thursday, February 23, 2012

Potter's Hand: Mold Me

There are times that I felt so low, as if I can't find any hope.
So down, left in a cold dark hole where nobody can hear me crying.

Sometimes, all I want is to stay where I am.
Afraid to take a step, thinking that I might get lost more into the deep.

There are moments when all I have are my watery eye,s broken heart, empty mind.
Failure, I am a failure. Worthless person....

Then, Your soft voice, Your loving small voice, will just change it all.
The warmth of Your love, gives back worth to all my failures.
Your wonderful grace, made me whole and priceless.

I really can't imagine how much You love me.
I can't explain how good You are to me.
I can't even measure how wonderful Your love and grace for me.

Why?... Why do you care so much?
Why do you love me that much?
Why do keep on hugging me?

Lord, You are amazing!
You are so good!
Your love is so unconditional!
Your love never fails!
You grace is sufficient!

Let me be with You forever.
Let me serve You, worship You.
Cover me, and let no works of evil take me out from Your loving arms.
Help me to set my eyes on your Son, Jesus Christ.
Help walk the path You have made for me.
Help me live like Jesus.

Teach me to let Jesus become my guide in this life that I have.
Teach me to listen, and be sensitive to His voice.
Teach me to put my trust on Him at all times.

May I be worthy for Your Holy Spirit.
Keep my heart clean and purify me, oh God.
That I may keep the fire of the Holy Spirt burning.

In the might name of JESUS! Amen.

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