Thursday, February 9, 2012

Charity and God's Happiness...

This morning I thought of CHARITY.

During my College years, I've been an active member of JPCS, which stands for Junior Philippine Computer Society, our School Department's Organization. Aside from all the pressure, tears, laughters that I had during those days... one thing that I really treasured the most... our Charity Program.

It was my first, hopefully not the last, Charity Program that I've attended. The program was held at a Public School in Trece Martires Cavite. The reason why I cannot forget that activity is because it felt so fulfilling, so worth it and so blessed. The group of kiddos that me and my partner handled were so cute, lovable and cuddly. They loved the be hugged and the smiles in their lips... so GENUINE! T_T

Back to me...dreaming of Charity....

I remember that the bible says "Give and It will COME BACK to you". However, I am not quite sure if Charity Activities, like the one I had, are being practised to most small or big Churches, Born Again Christian Churches, to be exact. Well as far as I know... not in our Church/Outreach.


I am dreaming of having a Back-to-School Charity Activity, wherein, in every person that will be buying a set of School Supplies (Bag, Notebooks, Ballpens/Pencil, Paper, Plastic Cover.. etc) another needing child will receive the same School Supplies that they bought. It may also be like, Donate a Back-to-School Supplies Program, a Pen for a Pen, Bag for a Bag or Shoes for a Shoes. There are alot of small things that we can GIVE that will be a great help for those in need.

Aside from material GIFTS, this will also be a great, BIG, and SUPER BIG opportunity to SPREAD the Good News. I remember when I was in a Catholic church, most of the churches handle a yearly Charity Program, a simple Feeding Program is a Big opportunity to invite a person to go to Church.

Freely we received the GIFT of Eternal Life, why not GIVE it freely as well.


definitely IT will come back to you. Maybe not financially or materially but Spiritually and Emotionally. The thought of receiving something so unexplainable, intangible and incomprehensible, is a GREAT payback of all.

On the other hand CHARITY doesn't have to be so expensive, everyday we can do it. How? Simply SHARE the LOVE that we RECEIVED from our Father in Heaven and GIVE one soul the chance to experience the Gift of our Savior - Jesus Christ, His life to save us from our sins and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven... the great payback that WILL COME BACK TO YOU?... the SMILE and HAPPINESS of God. so GENUINE! :)

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