Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why did I stopped celebrating Valentines?

It all started with Ptr. Boyax' teaching about Valentines.

I was once funned of celebrating Valentine's day. I love giving roses and chocolates, and receiving in return. However, everything changed after hearing one preaching that Ptr. Boyax taught us one Sunday of February.

As what I can remember:

Valentine's day was a celebration for a Catholic Saint, Valentine. He's a saint who was put to jail yet it did not stopped him from creating love notes for the love of his life. Then he received a death sentenced which was held on Feb. 14, all the notes that he created for his love always end up with:
"Your Valentine"
As a Born Again Christian, I was first taught that idolatry is a sin. Considering that, since Valentine's day is a day of commemorating St. Valentine, one of Catholic Saints, I decided not to celebrate the day as it equates to idolatry for St. Valentine.

This morning I decided to do a research about Valentine's day and it's origin and I ended up to this link:

The contents of that page clearly states that Valentine's day is a pagan celebration that was adopted by Christians by changing it's name next to St. Valentine.

My question is, will changing "Happy Valentine's Day" to "Happy Heart's Day" save us from committing idolatry? What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments.

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