Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Am I Leaving My Church?

This past few months we (my husband and I) are thinking of leaving our current church then move to a new church. This was not new at all, we have been praying for this since last year. Now, we have come up with a decision, search for the new church to be.

Two weeks ago, we've spoke with our church's Pastors about our plans of moving out. The conversation was not that easy, there were a lot of, reasons, questions, reasons, facial reactions, reasons and more reasons on both sides. For them, it is not necessary, yet for us it is a big factor for our Spiritual health's sake.

So what's the big deal with the issue of moving out from your current church? -- that was the question that kept on bugling in my mind... -- what?

I ask, and searched for the answer and God lead me to this blog:

Just exactly what I need at the moment. The author intelligently made a list the things that I should ask myself before leaving my current church. I like,... woaahhh....hmmmmm....and *sighhhhhhhhhhh* while reading the article and it hits me a lot!

And my decision? hmmm... I'm still waiting for God's confirmation, all I want is to make Him smile. May His will be done.

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