Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello there! Yah, it's been a while since my last blog... I really got no chance of blogging due to my hectic (hahaha!) schedule. I've been busy at work and reading the Hunger Games book. I became so hooked up that most of my spare time I spent reading it... bad me.

Anyway, on my last blog Mould Me: Wedging Part I, I have mentioned that I would like to follow Christ and one of my downfall is that I am guilty of Key No. 2:  A disciple forgives quickly and often.  and Praise be to God, I was able to face my brethren and forgive her. I told her whatever it is that is that I am holding back against her, witnessed by our Head Pastor and Associate Pastor and my Husband.

Yes, it was not that easy, but during that point all I want is to be true to her and to set me free and it is a good feeling inside. I told them that I should have done it long ago and maybe by now the wound is already healed. Well, better late than never, right?, so now we are now in the healing process. Together with the Face to Face thing, my hubby and me decided to move to another church. It was a drastic move but we believe it is the best move we can do for us to heal quickly at the same time we believe that God has a plan why He brought us to this decision.

Life is too short to grudge. I know I've wasted 2years of my Service to God in grudging on what my Sister in Christ did, but it is never to late to live life again to its fullest.

God bless everyone! Be blessed and be a blessing to others! :)

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